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DragonWings 1:72 Scale Diecast Warbirds

Apollo 12 "Lunar Landing" , CSM + Lunar Module "Interpid" + Surveyor 3 + Astronauts (1:72)

Item #: DRW50387
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    North American Apollo CSM Dimension 6" X 2.25"

    Grumman Apollo Lunar Module Dimensions 5.5" x 5.5"

    Prepainted Diecast Metal Model

    Collectors item: Not suitable for children under 14

    Apollo 12 "Lunar Landing" , CSM + Lunar Module "Interpid" + Surveyor 3 + Astronauts (1:72) by DragonWings 1:72 Scale Space Series
    Item Number: DRW50387

    - 1/72 true-to-scale precision model
    - Displayable spacecraft with high collectable value
    - Aesthetically pleasing color finish with delicate imprinted markings

    Apollo 11 is clearly the most famous mission of the whole Apollo program that put man on the Moon, this momentous event occurring on 20 July 1969. The mission four months afterwards, Apollo 12, was the second manned flight to the lunar surface. Blasting off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the Lunar Module (LM) containing the astronauts Charles Conrad and Alan Bean landed on a site at 3.01239 S latitude, 23.42157 W longitude, on 19 November 1969. The LM, which was christened Intrepid, touched down with pinpoint accuracy just 160m from the unmanned Surveyor 3 probe that had been sitting on the Moon's surface for the past 31 months. They spent more than 30 hours on the Moon performing scientific tasks such as collecting rock samples and measuring the Moon's seismic activity, magnetic field and solar wind flux. Samples from the unmanned Surveyor 3 probe were collected, this being the only occasion that humans have ever recovered a probe sent to another world.

    Dragon's newest model in its exciting Space Collection represents the Apollo 12 mission. Indeed, a stunning diorama scene is created in 1/72 scale. The set includes the Intrepid LM on a simulated Ocean of Storms lunar surface alongside the Surveyor 3 probe. The open hatch allows viewers a glimpse of the cramped spacecraft interior. Furthermore, the model comes with two astronaut figures, recovering elements from Surveyor 3. The set also features the orbiting Command/Service Module (CSM) Yankee Clipper that's displayed on an integral stand. This fine 1/72 scale set enables collectors to own an instant diorama of this scientifically important Apollo 12 mission.

    Model Details for Herpa 1:500 America West Airlines B 757-2G7 - DiMA ID# 2477

    Herpa America West Airlines B 757-2G7 1:500 - 503877 - DiMA ID#2477
    America West Airlines Herpa
    America West Airlines Herpa

    Country &
    United States of America
    United States of America
    North America
    North America

    Aircraft: B 757-2G7 Scale: 1:500

    Part #: 503877 DiMA ID#: 2477

    Release Date: 2002 Disc Date: NA

    Status: In Production Units: Unlimited

    Remarks: Late "1990s" Colors. With Cockpit Window Frames. New Generation.
    Registration:  N909AW Engines: 2 RB211-535E4

    Classification: Commercial

    Last Updated: 03/09/2013

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    DragonWings 1:72 Scale Diecast Warbirds
    Item # DRW50387

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