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AE-6B Prowler (1/58 Scale), Mastercraft Models Item Number NC09007
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Mastercraft Models Item #: NC09007 -

    The Northrop Grumman EA-6B Prowler is a twin-engine attack aircraft based on the design of the ruggedly simple yet efficient A-6 Intruder. Considered a reliable plane in the fight against electronic warfare, the Northrop Grumman EA-6B carries anti-radiation missiles. The aircraft is usually manned by a pilot and three Electronic Countermeasures Officers but on some occasions, only two ECMOs accompany the pilot.Since the retirement of the once famed EF-11 Raven in 1998, the Northrop Grumman...

    EA-6B Prowler (1:48), Executive Series Display Models Item Number CA06PNT
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    Executive Series Display Models Item #: CA06PNT -

      The EA-6B Prowler, manufactured by Grumman (now Northrop Grumman Aerospace), is a twin-engine, mid-wing aircraft designed as a modification of the basic A-6 Intruder airframe. The EA-6B's primary mission is to protect fleet surface units and other aircraft by jamming hostile radars and communications. The Prowler has the ability to passively detect enemy radars without making its own presence known. The Prowler can carry up to five tactical jamming pods which allow it to effectively degrade...

      EA-6B Prowler Die Cast Model VAQ-134, June 2015, "US Navy Farewell scheme" ( 1:72) by Hobby Master Diecast Airplanes
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      Hobby Master Diecast Airplanes Item #: HA5007 -

        EA-6B Prowler - VAQ-134 June 2015 US Navy Farewell Scheme