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Confederate Ironclad vs Union Ironclad: Hampton Roads 1862, Osprey Publishing Item Number OSPDUE14
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Osprey Publishing Item #: OSPDUE14 -

    Duel 14Author: Ron FieldIllustrators: Howard Gerrard Peter BullAbout this book The Ironclad was a revolutionary weapon of war, the first modern, armoured, self-propelled warships. During the American Civil War the South used ironclads to protect their ports from the Northern blockade. Impressed with their superior resistance to fire and, the North developed its own rival fleet of ironclads. Eventually the two products of this modern arms race duelled at the battle of Hampton Roads in a clash...

    U-Boats Vs Destroyer Escorts, Osprey Publishing Item Number OSPDUE3
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    Osprey Publishing Item #: OSPDUE3 -

      Winston Churchill claimed the 'U-boat peril' was the only thing that frightened him during World War II. The U-boat was developed from a small coastal vessel into a state-of-the-art killer, stalking the high seas picking off merchant convoys, until the introduction of the destroyer escort, and the development of dedicated anti-submarine tactics provided a means of defence and attack against the U-boats. Gordon Williamson describes the design and development of these two deadly opponents, their...

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