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HMS Hood, Royal Navy, Battle of the Denmark Strait, May 1941, Admiral-class Battlecruiser (1:700), Forces of Valor Item Number FV-861002A
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    In May 1941, the battlecruiser HMS Hood and battleship HMS Prince of Wales were ordered to intercept the German battleship Bismarck that was en route to attack convoys in the Atlantic. On May 24th, 1941, Hood was struck by several German shells early in the Battle of the Denmark Strait and exploded; the loss had a profound effect on the British. Prime Minister Winston Churchill ordered the Royal Navy to "sink the Bismarck", and they fulfilled his command on May 26th-27th. The Royal Navy...

    D-DAY Surrender Set #2 Vierville Normandy(1:50), Corgi Diecast Armor Item Number US61002
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      D-DAY Surrender Set #2 Vierville Normandy(1:50) by Corgi ArmorItem Number: US61002German Army SdKfz 7 Quad Flak Gun, two surrendering German figures, one G.I. figure and diorama base.Length:5.25" Width:2"