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RAF Vickers VC-10 K.Mk.2 Refueler (1:144), Corgi Diecast Aviation Item Number AA37003
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Corgi Diecast Aviation Item #: AA37003 -

    Vickers VC-10 K.Mk.2 (1:144) by Corgi AviationItem Number: AA37003'Vickers VC-10 K.Mk.2 - No.101 Squadron, RAF Brize Norton, Oxon.,1991 (1:72) The bulk of the RAFÕs air-to-air refueling fleet comprises VC-10 K3 and K4 aircraft flown by No. 101 Squadron based at RAF Brize Norton. ZA140/A was the first VC-10 tanker to enter RAF service on July 25, 1983, as a K.Mk.2. Together with the Victor tanker, it was invaluable during the 1991 Gulf War, and the number of refueling sorties it...

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