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Albatros D.Va D.7327/17, Lt. Lothar Weiland, Jasta 5, Seefrontstaffel 1, July 1918 (1:48), Corgi Diecast Aviation Item Number AA37808
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Corgi Diecast Aviation Item #: AA37808 -

    Albatros D.V a D.7327/17 Lt. Lothar Weiland Jasta 5 Seefrontstaffel 1 July 1918

    Albatros D.V Manfred von Richthofen, Jagdgeschwader 1, Marckebeke airfield, Belgium, Late August 1917 (1:48) - Preorder item, order now for future delivery, Corgi Diecast Aviation, AA37809
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    Corgi Diecast Aviation Item #: AA37809 -

      As the most famous fighter pilot in the history of military aviation, the name Manfred von Richthofen is familiar to many people and despite the Great War claiming his life more than 100 years ago, the exploits of the Bloody Red Baron continue to be a source of fascination to this day. Originally joining the Luftstreitkr�fte as an aerial observer, his fighting ambitions would lead von Richthofen to be selected for fighter training, where he would later become a legend of the air, being...

      Albatross D.Va Fighter, Ernst Udet "LO" (1:72 Scale) by Amercom Diecast, Item Number: ACSL13-02
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      Amercom Diecast Item #: ACSL13-02 -

        Albatross D.Va Fighter, Ernst Udet "LO" (1:72 Scale) By Amercom Diecast Item Number: ACSL13-02 About Albatross D.Va Fighter, Ernst Udet "LO" (1:72 Scale) About Amercom Diecast Amercom Diecast was founded in 1993 to design, create and provide a wide range of inexpensive but high quality diecast airplanes and military vehicles. With more than 130 airplanes and helicopters and more than 100 tanks and combat vehicles, this is a range of diecast aircraft and military armor products will appeal to...