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Henschel Hs 123A-1 Lt. Kurt Hamann, 3./Schlachtfliegergruppe 50, Luftwaffe, 1938 (1:72), Oxford Diecast 1:72 Scale Models, Item Number AC083
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Oxford Diecast 1:72 Scale Models Item #: AC083 -

    The Henschel Hs 123A was a single seat biplane dive bomber and close-support attack aircraft developed and built by Henschel, a company previously engaged in building railway locomotives. It saw an opportunity for aircraft design and build after Hitler came to power in 1935 and the subsequent formation of the Luftwaffe. The HS123 first took to the skies in 1936 and was flown by the German Luftwaffe in the Spanish Civil War. It also saw service during the first stages of World War II but proved...