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Fokker E.II Eindecker, flown by Kurt von Crailsheim, FFA 53, Monthois, France, October 1915. - new tooling! (1:48) - Preorder item, order now for future delivery, Corgi Diecast Aviation, AA28701
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Corgi Diecast Aviation Item #: AA28701 -

    Few aeroplanes have had such a dramatic impact on the history of aerial warfare as the Fokker Eindecker series of monoplanes, aircraft which are regarded as the first true fighter aircraft in the history of aviation. It was not that these single-wing aircraft were such advanced aeronautical designs, as many of the world�s successful early aircraft were monoplanes (such as the Bleriot XI which crossed the English Channel in 1909), however, they did make use of a particularly sinister...