P-51 Mustang Models - The P-51 is likely the most recognized WW II fighter plane. As a result of this popularity there are many manufacturers making quality diecast versions of the Mustang. At diecastairplane.com you will find the largest selection of P-51's available. Follow the links below to find out more about available P-51 models in a variety of scales.

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1:72 Scale Diecast P-51 Mustangs Models are made by Corgi, Dragon Wings, and Witty. The 1:72 scale series is probably the most popular warbirds collectors scale as it is a good combination of prices and detail. Each of these manufactures has its strengths, but they are all high quality models perfect for any collection

1:72 Scale P-51 General Dimensions (actual size depends on the particular variant of the plane):
Length: 5.25"
Wingspan: 6"

1:32 Scale P-51 Mustangs are made by Corgi. This scale represents the top of Corgi's line with models have numerous moving parts and exquisite detail. These models sell often sell out quickly and are highly desirable for serious collectors.

1:32 Scale P-51 General Dimensions (actual size depends on the particular variant of the plane):
Wingspan: 14"

1:35 Scale P-51 Mustangs by GMP diecast. These are the most expensive P-51 models you can buy and they are worth every penny. The detail is incredible with removable cowling and gun bay doors showing an accurate engine and even ammunition in the gun bay. This would be a prize model for your collection.

1:35 Scale P-51 General Dimensions:
Wingspan: 12.5"
Length: 12"

1:48 Scale P-51 Mustangs are made by Franklin Mint (Armour Series), Eagles International, Yat Ming, and MotorMax . The most popular in this series are the Franklin Mint P-51D Mustangs. The provide a good combination of cost and detail. At a retail cost of $70 (generally on sale at diecastairplane.com) they have several different paint jobs to choose from and the paint work is very well done. They don't have many moving parts, but for a static display model they are perfect. A step up in the 1:48 scale Mustang and the only manufacturer of the P-51B and P-51C Mustangs are those from Eagles International. This company is new to the market in 2005, but they have everything that Franklin Mint doesn't such as removable undercarriage, canopy, and cowling, and they include a pilot figure. At the other end of the spectrum are the 1:48 scale Mustangs from Yat Ming and MotorMax. These are meant mostly for younger collectors as the detail is not at the same level as the more expensive models, but for $20-$25 each they are really quite good.

1:35 Scale P-51 General Dimensions:
Wingspan: 9"
Length: 8.5"

Small scale Diecast P-51 Mustangs by Model Power, Corgi, Hotwings, InAir, and SkyWings: In really small diecast models there is still a wide range of possibilities. True scale models with excellent detail are made by both Model Power and Corgi. The Model Power P-51s are about 5" long, are true 1:100 scale and come with stands. The Corgi models are part of their approximately 3" long Aviation Archive Series. This series has a tremendous variety of models available and is perfect for filling a small shelf. On the toy end of the models are P-51's available from HotWings (with runway piece), InAir, and Skywings. This are not only popular with kids, but they also make great game pieces for board games.