Corgi Diecast Airplanes Corgi is a die-cast model manufacturer based in Britain. They have been producing diecast metal models for over 40 years and are one of the the best known die-cast model makers in the world. Many of their early models are highly sought after.

Though Corgi produces and extensive line of die-cast cars, at we specialize in stocking their airplane models. Their airplanes are produced in several series:

Corgi Showcase Collection - These models are all about 3-4" long with stands and no landing gear (except models with fixed gear). The are wonderful for a knicknack shelf or anywhere one wants to display a lot of models in a smaller space. New in 2005 was a line of showcase models with separate nose art panels. These panels are about 3" long and proudly display the nose art from the featured airplane.

Corgi 1:72 Scale Airplanes - The most popular and widely developed scale for Corgi. Highly detailed models with gear. Extremely nice stands included with all models except the History Channel Series

Corgi 1:144 Scale Planes - Some larger planes such as B-17's, Constellations, C-130's, etc, are made in this scale which allows these planes to be big enough to allow excellent detail, but small enough to not need a large display area.

Corgi 1:48 Scale Diecast Helicopters and World War I models - 1:48 is the scale of choice for model helicopters and for 1:48 World War I era biplanes. These look great on a desk or in a display case and are loaded with detail.

Corgi 1:32 Scale Diecast Models - The cream of the Corgi crop. These diecast airplanes are large, detailed and full of features.

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