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Armour (from Franklin Mint) - The Armour Collection series was bought by Franklin Mint in 2002 from Armour CDC in Italy. This has meant a revival of this wonderful brand. The precision-engineered models are very high quality and are hand-assembled and hand-painted. A recent price reduction across the line makes these die-cast models even more enticing.

Armour Franklin MInt Diecast Airplanes 1:48 ScaleArmour Diecast Warbirds by Franklin Mint are made in two scales 1:48 and 1:100. The 1:48 diecast models are great for the collector in that they do a wide variety of models that nobody else makes in this scale. Some of these models are very big. The Diecast B-17 has a wingspan of 26 inches and weighs 14 lbs!

Franklin Mint has also recently rerelease the 1:100 scale collection. These are the only true models made to 1:100 scale where other manufacturers in this size call their models 1:100 scale, but are often very inaccurate on the sizing.

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