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Pitts Special (1:15), Executive Series Display Models, Item Number KPTS
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Executive Series Display Models Item #: KPTS -

    The Pitts Special (company designations S1 and S2) is a series of light aerobatic biplanes designed by Curtis Pitts. It has accumulated many competition wins since its first flight in 1944. The Pitts biplanes dominated world aerobatic competition in the 1960s and 1970s and, even today, remain a potent competition aircraft in the lower categories. (Wikipedia Entry, see more info at

    X-43A Scramjet (1/12 Scale), Mastercraft Models Item Number NC11349
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    Mastercraft Models Item #: NC11349 -

      The NASA Scramjet is a manned experimental hypersonic plane built under NASA�s Hyper-X program. A product of ingenious technology, the X-43A can fly up to a top speed of 6,500 mph that it was described by Guinness as an airplane �faster than a speeding bullet.� During its launch on November 16, 2004, NASA made history by introducing the first-ever air-breathing hypersonic aircraft that was able to achieve Mach 10 speed. It was able to separate from its booster and accelerate at a staggering...

      X-51 SED-WR Waverider (1:15), Executive Series Display Models Item Number CX511T
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      Executive Series Display Models Item #: CX511T -

        The Boeing X-51 (also known as X-51 WaveRider) is an unmanned scramjet demonstration aircraft for hypersonic (Mach 6, approximately 4,000 miles per hour (6,400 km/h) at altitude) flight testing. It completed its first powered hypersonic flight on 26 May 2010. After two unsuccessful test flights, the X-51 completed a flight of over six minutes and reached speeds of over Mach 5 for 210 seconds on 1 May 2013 for the longest duration hypersonic flight. The X-51 received the name "WaveRider"...